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Kings and Queens Monopoly Board Game

Kings and Queens Monopoly Board Game

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The British Isles have a rich and storied history, from ruthless invaders to scheming queens and unscrupulous kings. Uncover some of the influential monarchs that have shaped the United Kingdom and Ireland as we know them today, with this brand new edition of MONOPOLY: Kings & Queens. Take a journey through the past, buying up spaces modelled after Alfred the Great, Harold Godwinson and Ruaidrí Ua Conchobair, and trace the royal line down to Henry VIII, Victoria and Elizabeth II. Learn about key moments of British history through the decisions made by these monarchs relating to welfare, culture, warfare and more personal concerns. Pick up Chance and Treasury cards for royal boons and sanctions, and build castles and palaces to charge your opponents more rent. Who will be the first to expand their empire and quash their foes? "Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown", so don't delay: choose one of the right royal playing tokens, roll the dice, and begin a powerful dynasty of rulers, with MONOPOLY Kings & Queens.

Product Dimensions:  270mm x 400mm x 52mm

Suitable Age:  8+

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