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Gabby’s Dollhouse Monopoly Board Game

Gabby’s Dollhouse Monopoly Board Game

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Looking for Gabby's Dollhouse toys? In this a-meow-zing edition of MONOPOLY Junior, you can play by Gabby's Dollhouse figures! Jump around the game board visiting the Gabby Cats and exploring their rooms, from Cakey’s Kitchen to DJ Catnip's Music Room. Land on CatRat, Kitty Fairy, and Pandy Paws! Are you ready for another surprise? Draw a Kitty Cat Surprise Card for sprinkle parties and hug attacks. Whoopsies — there's a Jail card, too! It's time to put Gabby's Dollhouse ears, get tiny, and roll the dice: a Dollhouse adventure is waiting for you! "

Product Dimensions:  270mm x 270mm x 50mm

Suitable Age:  5+

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